Flat tire? 

Out of gas? 

Need a tow?

Who you gonna call?  Yup - AAA.  

Or at least that is how the story has gone for as long as any of us can remember.  Indeed, with over a century of experience under their belt, the American Automobile Association has earned its place as category leader in Roadside Assistance.



But even this seemingly unrivaled dominance is under threat in this age of digital disruption. 

Introducing: The Competition


                       The Future of Roadside Assistance

                     URGENTLY                  OPENBAY                  HONK

                     URGENTLY                  OPENBAY                  HONK


While AAA offers bundled services at a monthly premium, these newcomers make deals on a per use basis, and at the lowest possible price.  

That means when you are stuck in a ditch with a flat tire and an empty tank of gas, you can order help on-demand (via mobile) from a list of nearby vendors at an agreed upon price.

These digital startups have revolutionized Roadside Assistance, and have changed the game for consumers and their competition. 

So, how can AAA survive when its core benefit is rendered obsolete with the click of a button? 



And so, we set out in search of answers and opportunities. 

This led us to the one resource we knew would never disappoint: card-carrying AAA members.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 6.38.06 AM.png

After analyzing the results our research, including a survey and in-person interviews, we discovered two key findings that we leveraged in creating a distinctive campaign strategy. 

1. Every AAA story begins in a place of pain and frustration. 

And while most might think of this as something to work against, we embraced it.  We like being the knight in shining tow truck for our beleaguered members.

Instead of eliminating pain points, could we discover and celebrate even more ways for AAA to save the day?

2. Everyone knew AAA was all about member benefits, but no one could name any beyond Roadside. 


Armed with drivers' insights, we returned to the brand to see what we could unearth that might be distinctive, relevant, and valuable to our members.



And we found benefits.




Like, A LOT of benefits.



Thousands of benefits.


AAA has thousands of benefits worth celebrating, most of which are completely unknown to its members.  These untapped riches, from bail bonds, to student lending and pet prescription discounts, could transform a situation we hope to forget into one we're eager to celebrate - thanks to AAA.  

The Campaign Strategy:

Transforming all of life's turbulent journeys into joyrides.

The Campaign:

Endless Benefits

Video & Radio: 

No tow trucks, no locking yourself out of your car.  Indeed, no cars at all.  The hero creative tells a different story about the endless benefits awaiting you with your AAA membership. 


Digital: The What If Generator


Give us the details of your next trip and we'll give you a worst case scenario that only AAA can solve.  Lucky for you, your AAA membership bails you out at every expected step along the way.



Dominic Johns (CW), Dylan Ranson (AD)